The Village

Village life is simple and harmonious.  

The most striking thing about the villagers is their contentment and ability to live with little.  They produce most of everything they require.   The land gives them their food; the forest supplies them with wood for both shelter and furniture.  They make their own clothes with flax and cottons.  Their flour is ground at the village mill. They exchange their wares for what they can not produce themselves at distant markets. 

In all their different occupations this fortunate little society might truly be said to enjoy a harmonious existence. Every one of these individuals have their own daily role to play; the cobbler works upon a shoe; the blacksmith hammering his iron, the potter by his wheel; the baker kneading the dough and the milkmaid sleepily drains her cow as the gentleman and his lady enjoy their morning stroll.

At the market square we, village life co, are the merchants that trade our handmade raw wood housewares, textiles of linen flax and cotton, woven baskets handmade with both metal and plants. We know others will appreciate and enjoy our wares because we do ourselves.